ARK - Adventures of Ridley and Kraid
Major Characters

Ridley: Leader of the Space Pirates, Ridley is an intelligent purple dragon who has mastered the art of terraforming and sarcasm. Unfortunately for Ridley, not everyone on the Mothership gives him the respect he deserves (or doesn't deserve).

Kraid: The master-prankster is a fat lizard that can shoot spikes at will. Kraid picks on everyone in the Mothership, and always has a diss or an emotionally degrading joke up his sleeve.

Arctus: A hedgehog that has complete power over ice and all things frozen. His origins are unknown, but what is known is that he will freeze anything in his path to save a civilian.

King Durdurdurr: A green-hatted twin cousin of King Dedede who existed on Meta Knight's Halberd for who knows how long. King Durdurdurr has a very low self-esteem with being overshadowed by his ambitious cousin. He also is, surprisingly, a pacifist, despite carrying his hulking mallet everywhere. King Durdurdurr is also known for attempting successful intimidation but failing horribly.

The Last Metroid: A stuck-up, full-of-herself chick who has a fetish for Zoomers becomes the Queen Metroid and eventually becomes friends with our two favorite Space Pirates.

Momma Brain: A motherly brain originally made to be an organic toaster is known for being a little TOO motherly.

Blake: The main villain of the ARK series, Blake is a highly intelligent rebellious black Space Pirate out to overthrow Ridley and Kraid, who he claims to be dimwits. He ultimately wishes to take total control of the Space Pirates and rule the galaxy.

Other Crazy Characters

- 1337sp33k Palkia
- Mario
- Draygon
- Phantoon
- Jabba the Hutt
- Samus (a.k.a. the "blonde stripper")
- Meta Knight

Other Cameos

- Link
- Ganondorf
- Dead Hand
- Kirby
- King Dedede
- Falco
- And more